SingStar Gets Video Editor

Just had a press release in from SCEE on SingStar, which may well be of interest to fans: a video editor is coming.  “Do your performance justice and show it off with a music video to rival the stars’ using the new video editing feature,” says the PR. “Personalise your videos by selecting your favourite 30 seconds and turn it into a music video masterpiece with the array of special effects.”  Sounds pretty cool, assuming you get to chop and splice the review rather than just applying some filters.

“27,000 videos are viewed daily on My SingStar Online and this number is set to soar as the creativity of the SingStar community is unleashed. The world’s your stage and it’s set to be a sell-out show – get ready to impress with the performance of a lifetime when the video editor comes to SingStar this September.”


Also coming is SingStar Clubs – a new “social element to the SingStar experience.”  Soon you’ll be able to create a club on My SingStar Online and interact with like-minded SingStar players around the world. You’ll be able to “share videos and compare the results of your last SingStar party and view online charts from your club”. Apparently you’ll never be lonely again.