Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots

We all know the TSA Towers reaction to Final Fantasy XIV. The surprise was glorious but while some of us lost it – colossalblue: “What. The. F*ck” – some of us bathed in the art style and graphics – djhsecondnature: “ooo love the difference in style from 13”.  The graphics did look outstanding, as do most games in the FF series, and now we have some screenshots from the PS3 and PC MMO. Take a gander.

They are, almost definitely, prerendered but they do show the scale and detail of the online world.  Davs was certainly right about the difference in style from FF XIII and I feel this is how FF should look (I grew up with FF X). Final Fantasy XIV will be released in 2010 so they have plenty of time to ensure the actual game graphics turn out like this.