Mirror’s Edge Gets Sequel

Despite some great review scores, sales of Mirror’s Edge never really reflected it’s overwhelmingly positive critique, a fact that hasn’t stopped EA’s Patrick Soderlund announcing that DICE have a “small team” working on “another Mirror’s Edge”.  It’s not actually clear whether he’s referring to a full blown sequel, or something lighter (like, perhaps, an iPhone title) but there’s definitely something planned.  “It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it,” he said.

“Mirror’s Edge was a risky move. It was a bold move, a very innovative and inspiring move. The game wasn’t perfect by any means. We would have liked the game to sell better even though the game has sold better than most people think.”  If you didn’t pick up Mirror’s Edge, shame on you, it’s a great game and one that deserved much better success than it got.  Sadly, Soderlund couldn’t confirm any further details on the second title in the series, but when we get some more information we’ll pass it on.


Via VideoGamer