My Top Ten: Gaming Snacks

We are all advised to take a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes of gaming we endure. I personally don’t take many breaks, and would rather spend the 15 minutes capping more clan members in Killzone, or blowing more crap up in Red Faction. We do not encourage long unhealthy bouts of gaming – cough – but today I shall list my top ten gaming foods and beverages to keep my eyes open and aim sharp.

  1. The cheese burger with bacon. Certainly not the healthiest of foods, but mixing good taste with those all important carbohydrates for brain fuel. Throw a little salad on top to ease the guilt if you must.
  2. A Dominos Dominator Meteor pizza. If you haven’t tried one of these bad boys then order one tonight. A pizza topped with more meat than a Morrison’s butchery, and chucked on top of some really tasty BBQ sauce. All this mounts a double layered base stuffed with a cheese and herb sauce and will fill the biggest of stomachs.
  3. Pringles. Once you pop… yeah you know the score. But seriously, the sour cream and chives variety is so good. Not recommended for multiplayer games, as the constant munching down the headset may bake a few noodles on the other end.
  4. Chocolate. Yeah it is bad, but it is so good. Need a quick filler and energy boost, chomp on a Snickers and get some nuts you fool.
  5. Muller Rice / Corners. Well we need to encourage a little healthy eating here, and these pots of creamed rice and thick yogurt will give you those vital carbohydrates, protein and calcium. I’ve got my berries got my cherries, got my biscuits got my… you get it.
  6. Relentless. This stuff is the shiz. Don’t be put off by all the chavs in the street trying to make a fashion statement with this drink just because it resembles a beer can. This stuff will fill you with sugar, caffeine and even throws in a few vitamins for good measure. Warning though, down to many of these bad boys and you’ll be pissing like a horse for the day.
  7. Coca Cola. Really bad for the teeth due to both the sugar and acid, but your think tank will bathe in all that glucose and caffeine and love you for it. Must be chilled though, and open the day before you wish to drink so as not to catch too much fizz.
  8. Beer. Not really good for energy, but drink enough and you’ll believe you’re invincible, or not care when being destroyed online. Get the lads round, put FIFA on and grab the Stella, the good times lie ahead.
  9. Coffee. Come on, you really didn’t think I would forget to mention coffee did you? Best served fresh from a coffee maker or Senseo, make a big enough jug and it will keep you going for hours.
  10. Green Tea. Tastes worse than licking a monkeys arm pit after an hours swinging through the trees (I wouldn’t know, it is a guess) but those antioxidants will flush out all the above poisons and make you feel great inside. Kudos to you if you manage to drink a cup.

All of the above should be consumed in moderation, and we encourage frequent and thorough brushing of the teeth. What are your thoughts on the ideal gaming food? What do you find yourself snacking on or gulping down whilst enduring a long drive through Paradise city, or hard slog over the wastelands on Helghan?