MGS 4 Trophies Incoming?

Everyone loves a good countdown, an announcement of an announcement, or some other ridiculous teaser, and Konami are no stranger to the pre-emptive “hey, we want to tell you something, in a month” way of stringing along their fans. This week appears to be no exception, they’ve promised “game updates and other highly anticipated announcements” as a special week long birthday treat.  Not for us, for Metal Gear Solid 4, it’s been out a year.

The clue, then, is between the lines.  There won’t be any announcements of any new games, we’ve had our spin of new Snake-based reveals at E3 in the form of Rising and Peace Walker, so this must be along the lines of the bikini costume pack for Metal Gear Online and, we’re hoping, the long awaited Trophy update patch for MGS4.  We’ve been awaiting Trophies for the game since its launch, so let’s hope this week will bring some lovely silverware treats.


Via Kotaku.