Big Surf Island Includes Secret Cars

We’re big fans of Burnout Paradise here at TSA, but I am personally still to purchase Big Surf Island.  I tried, on Sunday, but the game returned an error code and I haven’t tried since; that’s likely to change now, mind, because it appears Big Surf Island includes four Toy versions of the cars in the Legendary pack, making the Island seem relatively cheap in comparison to some of the other recent Paradise DLC.

To grab the Toy Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger simply jump from all 15 of the Island’s Mega Jumps.  To get the Toy Jansen P12 88 Special (you know, the one that looks a bit like the Delorean) hit all 45 of the Island’s billboards.  To bag the Kitt-esque Toy Carson GT Nighthawk complete all 24 of the Island’s Road Rules (both Timed and Showtime) and finally, to get the Ecto-1 inspired Toy Hunter Manhattan Spirit hit all 75 of the Island’s smashes (those yellow gates).


Pretty neat, actually, and I’ll be certain to give Big Surf Island another go tonight so I can sample these new cars, I’m also yet to download any of the Toys or the Legendary cars…