Exclusive: Elite IV Confirmed For PS3

Back in May I saw that one of our ever resourceful readers, Tuffcub, had posted in the forums about a little meeting of industry heads in my home town.  How could I not go?  Whilst I didn’t exactly know what to expect it turned out to be totally worth the effort. It brought forth some really interesting thoughts which I’ll be letting you all know about later on in the week.



Get to the good stuff, right?  I will, however it does require a small explanation. You see, one of the speakers at the lecture was none other than the much loved co creator of the original Elite and Chairman of Frontier, David Braben (you whippersnappers might have to do some googling). I have the slideshows that accompanied his very entertaining talk and in the section introducing himself, as if he needs to, he details that Elite IV, the often dismissed sequel is set to release on the PC, the 360 and, as you might have guessed, the PS3.

This is, of course, great news as back in the day Elite was one of the most forward thinking concepts out there.  A huge chunk of the games industry will quite happily admit that some of the roots of many current strategy genres owe Elite big time. We have no clue as to when Elite IV will surface but it’s bound to be under wraps untill Frontier have The Outsider in the bag, which, as a side note, I’m most definitely looking forward to. 

Oh, and here’s hoping that ‘more lost winds’ comes our way too.