Ghostbusters: Not Really HD On PS3

As we suspected in our playtest last week, it’s now come to light that the PlayStation 3 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game is running at 540p, and not only that, it’s just 960 pixels in width, according to GameZine. This then, would go some way to explain the vastly inferior textures on the PS3 version in comparison with those on the 360, as shown yesterday over at Lens Of Truth. The Xbox 360 version runs at 1280 by 720, almost twice the number of pixels.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal if Terminal Reality’s Mark Randel hadn’t hyped up the PS3 version so much when he spoke to VG247 last year.  “I want to show off our PS3 technology,” said Randel. “We’re one of the few developers who love the PS3 and have a great time with it. We have great technology for the PS3 and we want to show it off.”  We remember the quotes exactly as we ran a story on TSA with the same conversation.


“The PlayStation 3 has seven processors and the 360 only has three, so seven versus three means you can do a lot more on the PS3. We’re keeping the game the same over both platforms so we don’t want to take out any features.”  Yeah, well, it doesn’t appear that this has carried over to the full game – the PS3 is also missing a few visual effects, such as the burning embers left by the Proton Pack on the 360 version, and a graphically duller battle with Stay Puft.

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