Details on Next ThatGameCompany Title

So while everyone runs around in a fluster of muddled thoughts and panic over where the future of ThatGameCompany lies, let’s remember that there’s still one more exclusive coming to the PS3.

Little is known so far, but talking to Kotaku, Jenova Chen, creative director at TGC, had this to say: “This new game is slightly larger and more of a challenge, the game concept is big. It’s risky.” When asked if it was riskier than games about clouds and flowers his reply was simple. “Yes.”


Those who agreed with our review, which I’m assuming is most, will be delighted to hear that it should follow on with the same tranquil feel that Flower so graciously possessed and that it will be an entirely new game. Chen feels that his games should have more meaning than just “exploding barrels or ridiculous cleavage” and that making grinding sequels is a crime so he will instead enjoy being able to create something new from the ground up.

No Flower 2 for us then.