Ratchet and Clank Details

E3 has been and gone. It was surprising, emotional and most importantly, it was bloody exciting. Though despite there now being about 2 weeks between us and the megaton announcements, information is still coming out and recently it’s been my most anticipated game that’s been getting the preview treatment. Cutesy animals, dancing robots and burping frogs. I am of course referring to Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time and its fantastically exciting weapons.

The main details of the demo we’ve seen were discussed a few weeks ago so there’s not much to add there. The level on display is 20% bigger than the previous largest level in the series and across the board this seems to be recurring the recurring theme with Insomniac stating that the aim for ACiT is for a “bigger and more explosive experience. Bigger levels, bigger enemies, bigger weapons, more destruction and just a lot more fun.”

Storywise the game will “have more heart, tug those emotional strings and just be better all round”. Insomniac want to focus on telling the best story a Ratchet and Clank game has ever seen and with comments like the one above, it sounds like they will. The original press release alone has hinted at a far more emotional experience than before with talk of destiny, origins and a possible permanent separation of the duo.

Talking of separation, it would appear that the double team will remain apart for a good portion of the game. Azimuth, the Lombax from the teaser and an old friend of Ratchet’s father, will be helping fight alongside Ratchet and Clank will be enjoying his largest role in a main game yet. Whilst the usual Clank levels in the series have just allowed for some simple enemies and puzzles with the zoni or gadgebots this time they will be given something much more exciting and complex. Time control.

Time sections should work similar to Echochrono and Braid with the player recording up to 4 Clanks at a time which will work together to solve puzzles. For example, your first recorded Clank might need to operate one elevator, then your second would operate another, the third would use both elevators to reach a button to operate a door and your final Clank would pass through the door into the next area. It sounds fun and has fantastic gameplay possibilities which should create some really mind-bending puzzles. Insomniac hope to include simple ones to get players through the main story and to keep casual players happy but more complicated ones for those who want to access secret areas and travel off the beaten track.

A track which seems to getting more and more beaten nowadays is the multiplayer one and for those asking about it, Bryan Bernal, the project manager, had this to say to Eurogamer: “In the past we had the giant, multiplayer competitive deathmatch mode, and we found it wasn’t really the best match. Only a very small percentage of our players actually played it. So we are researching and evaluating at the moment.” So while you can expect to see something, just don’t expect it to be what you’re used to. Whatever it is though, expect it to be good. A Crack in Time is here for the fans. A bigger, better, bolder version of everything we’ve seen before.

Anyone fancy lending me a time travel device and just letting me skip to November now?