Japanese Home gets Funky

Whilst we enjoy hitting balls with sticks today, the Japanese version of PlayStation Home is getting a second floor to its “Home Café”, titled “Music café”. The Japanese Homies will be dancing to some funky music to be played across the space, along with a show-floor for recent Sony product releases, not all related to PlayStation. This limited-time space will be open along with the selling of additional clothing items in the Japanese shopping centre which relate to music.


There are in fact four versions of PlayStation Home. We have the EU Home, then there’s the US Home, the HK Home and the JP Home, each with different developers and moderators, meaning each one is slightly different from the other. For example, America’s Home Square is different to the EU’s, with all of the buildings surrounding on large pond. The Japanese Shopping Centre looks different to the EU’s, with black flooring and walls instead of the bright and airy feel of the EU space. Then you realise that some regions have spaces that others don’t. The JP Home have had the Everybody’s Golf space for a while now. The US Home has had an Uncharted space and a Warhawk space.

There’s a clear reason why it may seem that Europe are behind on all of the Home updates. The US Home and JP Home don’t need to worry much about different languages, whereas Europe has lots. With every space, object, apartment item and menu needing to be translated for mutiple languages, there are obvious slow-downs that occur when bringing in new European content, as was discussed in the recent EU Home Q&A. The EU Home development team are also the smallest Home team out of the four different Home regions, which just makes it worse.

Despite this, however, the EU Home has picked up recently, with the EU and US Home running the Xi Alternate reality game, and the EU Home releasing a Transformers event exclusive to the EU Home. It seems that the EU Home is slowly catching up to the rest of the world. Now we’re finally getting the Everybody’s Golf space, all that can be said to the Japanese afro-dudes dancing in their new café space, is “Watch out.”

Source: Famitsu.com