Modern Warfare 2 Subscription Model

Buying the game itself soon won’t be enough, if Activision’s premium subscription model service comes to fruition.  Destructoid have gotten hold of a questionnaire, presumably part of some market research by Activision, asking whether gamers would be prepared to pay out for extra features and early access to new maps.  The premium service, which could either be bundled with a special edition version of the next Call of Duty title, or be a pay-per-month option, would allow users access to “gameplay enhancements” and “early access to in-game content like maps”.

It’s worth mentioning that such a questionnaire has been seen before and is purely testing the waters, if everyone replied with a “no” then hopefully Activision won’t follow through with this idea, which in my mind is a very slipperly slope.  Games cost enough, I don’t want to have to pay £50 for Modern Warfare 2 and then pay £5 a month just to get some new maps a bit earlier.  Activision’s questionnaire suggests the subscribers could get custom rewards like different shields and attributes – fair enough – but paying for earlier access to stuff that everyone else would get for free a bit later is a model we don’t want to see.