Sony Pull Continuous Play

“Sign up to Continuous Play for as little as £2.49 a month,” said the blurb, “and we’ll replace your PlayStation system within two working days if it develops a fault after your manufacturer’s warranty expires or if it becomes damaged by accident.” Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that now appears to be the case, because the Continuous Play website, in it’s currently far more direct and no-nonsense style, now says this:

Dear Continuous Players, we set up this service ultimately to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective way to ensure that your experience with PlayStation 3 & PSP was as seamless and hassle free as possible. Unfortunately, some individuals have chosen to abuse this service and as a consequence we feel that we have no option but to suspend Continuous Play and postpone acceptance of new Continuous Play plans until further notice. We will of course honour existing customer’s policies and look to amend the existing provision so that it is less vulnerable to exploitation.

So, yeah, it looks like that’s that. To be fair, we’d heard plenty of stories of people’s PS3s breaking so they sign up to Continuous Play, give it a day and then say it’s just broken, so we can see where they’re coming from on that one.  What is a bit odd is that there’s no alternative offered, and if Sony think people will be happy to pay £125 to have to fix something that shouldn’t break in the first place they’ll have a battle on.

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