The PS3’s Easiest Platinum Trophies

Trophies, whilst a relatively new aspect of the PlayStation 3, are now ubiquitous.  We’ve talked at length about their appeal in the past and our Trophy List is maintained daily, but if you’re just looking to boost your score quickly it’s all about the Platinums.  But which games have the easiest Platinums?  We take a look at five PlayStation 3 games and give you a hassle-free pack of Trophies to select from.

1. Trivial Pursuit [Trophy list]

The Trophies come quick and fast in Trivial Pursuit, almost like a stream of silverware, and whilst stringing together 10 correct answers for a Silver might seem tricky at first glance, the questions aren’t ever really hard enough to task you, especially if you’re handy with Google.  Of course, when a game awards you a Silver for getting 10 questions wrong in a row, you know you’re on Easy Street. It’s also not a bad version of the popular board game, so you won’t feel too bad by buying it just for the Platinum.

2. Disney’s Up [Trophy list]

When you can bag a Bronze for selecting the multiplayer menu (seriously) you know you’re onto a winner.  Up, which is based on the Pixar film of the same name, is a reasonably enjoyable 3 hour romp right through to that Platinum.  Yes, it’s a bit of a collectathon, but nothing’s really terribly well hidden and most of the Trophies will come like a steady stream as you play through the single player.  You’ll need to have a friend for the multiplayer, but it’s really a half decent game anyway, so enjoy it.

3. WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania [Trophy list]

WWE has a strange balance of Trophies: there are only two Bronzes but lots of Silvers and Golds so even if you give up before the Platinum you’ll have given your Trophy Level a massive boost.  Grabbing all the Golds in WWE: Legends of Wrestlemania might take some time but it’s certainly not a difficult road to victory – create your monster and shove him through the career path and you’ll have more high-ranking Trophies than you ever thought possible in such a short time.

4. Terminator: Salvation [Trophy list]

Yes, the game is terrible, but the game can be destroyed in about 4 hours, once on Medium then again on Hard, which will have gotten you a massive collection of Golds (that’s all there is) for completing each level and then one Gold each for beating the entire game on the two aforementioned difficulty levels – once you’ve done that the Platinum Trophy message will ping up and you can take the damned game back to whichever stinking outlet forced you to buy it in the first place, never to play it through again.

5. Ultimate Megadrive Collection [Trophy list]

If you’re not familiar with the games in the Megadrive Collection then the Trophy list might seem a little daunting, but as you typically only ever really need to get to the third level on most of the games to bag your Trophy this should be easy.  In most games you can use the in-game menu to drop the difficulty level down to the minimum, up the number of lives and then just spam your way through the splendid retro titles – even the Mean Bean Machine Trophy, often thought to be the hardest, can be obtained by skipping to the last level with a cheat that even worked on the old Megadrive.


If those weren’t enough, why not try inFamous (might take a good 10 hours or so, and needs two playthroughs), Dead Space (utterly brilliant, and whilst getting the Platinum isn’t that easy comparatively at least you’ll have fun), Buzz: Quiz TV (you just need to be smart) and Prince of Persia (another enjoyable adventure with a smooth difficulty curve).

Any others we missed?