Tekken 6 Dated and Campaign Revealed

As a nice start to the new week, we have an official release date for you to roughly mark your calendars with. Tekken 6 will be released in America on October the 27th with the EU version landing in “close proximity”. Woo!

What’s not so great is the footage on display below. First shown at E3 earlier this month, it’s a campaign mode for the game that should last up to 10 hours and will include online co-op. Another little snippet roaming the internet is that the Cardboard Tube Samurai from Penny Arcade will be featured in the game complete with Pac Man robes.

I’m not the best with fighting games, but from the comments around the internet, the new mode looks poor. Like an attempt to get ahead of the competition and offer something different. I think it looks interesting but, like I said, I’m not the best with these. Let us know what you think below.