PSN Store: How Much Video Are We Missing?

Last week’s PSN Store update was the just the latest in a long line that showed how much Europe likes to complain when it thinks it is missing out.  So consider this short news item as fan service in that we are giving you another opportunity to complain by pointing out just how much stuff we are missing out on over here.

Now we are all very well aware that the US PSN Store carries a wide range of movies and TV shows and gets regular fairly substantial updates.  But the news content of this item is that we have now been told just how extensive a library the US video store has built up.


In less than a year, having launched at last year’s E3 which was in mid July, the video store has grown to include 1,900 films and 9,000 TV show episodes.  So Sony have been adding, on average, around 40 films and 190 episodes of TV shows every week since the store’s launch.  That is pretty impressive going.

We strongly doubt that we will see that level of service when the video store launches over on this side of The Pond but if we only get half as many movies and TV shows that will be good going.  When will we get it?  We have not heard anything since David Reeves answered a question about it earlier this year with “by end of this calendar year you’re going to see the same in principal PAL markets, (UK, Germany, France, Spain).”

Source: Kotaku