PS3 Will Get a Price Cut

MCV are running an interview with Andrew House, new head at Sony Europe in which he states that “we will look at price and will address it when the time is right.”

Of course he makes this statement at the end of a lengthy speech about why Europeans don’t really want or need a price cut for the PlayStation 3. As much as the world outside Sony’s office buildings is completely aware that the PlayStation 3 needs a decent price cut sooner rather than later it is difficult to argue with his logic. The PS3 is still decent value for the price and the company do keep adding value with storage increases and bundle packs.

Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that, despite all the internet chatter and forum baiting, the PS3 is actually selling very well, meeting targets and on projection to outsell its main competitor before the end of this generation.

The interview also covers PSPGo information and marketing strategy as well as House’s thoughts on the potential for the network.

Update: Our friends over at PS3 Attitude are running a story on the recent Australian price drop of the 40GB SKU to the equivalent of £97. This is probably stock clearance in preparation for a new SKU hitting shelves but it’s worth noting that a retailer can run a limited sale with that sort of discount so perhaps the profit margin is greater than we previously thought?

Source: MCVUK