Classic Capcom Coming to PSP

News from the Capcom blog that some proper Japanese arcade classics are coming to the PSP in the shape of a PSN download of “Capcom Classics Collection Remixed” which will feature a number of, um… Capcom Classics! This might just be for the US for now so don’t get too excited.

Capcom were one of the original innovators in video games and this collection represents a large portion of the magic that made the industry what it is today. This is a real slice of video game heritage available for your favourite portable device with titles like Strider and Final Fight sitting alongside Bionic Commando and the original Street Fighter. For fans of retro gaming and fans of the history of video games this is not a collection to be missed.


One other notable title is Captain Commando – the game that they named the company after (Captain Commando) and their official mascot until that pesky Mega-Man got famous.

Hopefully it will also come to Europe and, along with the impending Namco Museum and the recently released Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection (and PSN Gunstar Heroes) make up a fantastic selection of retro classics on the Store.

Here’s the list in full:

  • 1941: Counter Attack
  • Avengers
  • Bionic Commando
  • Black Tiger
  • Block Block
  • Captain Commando
  • Final Fight
  • Forgotten Worlds
  • Last Duel
  • Legendary Wings
  • Magic Sword
  • Mega Twins
  • Quiz and Dragons
  • Section Z
  • Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
  • The Speed Rumbler
  • Street Fighter
  • Strider
  • Three Wonders
  • Varth

Source: Capcom Blog