Hustle Kings on PSN

A note went up today today on the US Playstation Blog about the upcoming Hustle Kings for the PS3 which is a billiards (that’s pool to you lot of ruffians) simulator for the PS3.

I was initially confused at the way they spoke of it because I’d forgotten that the completely brilliant Inferno Pool hasn’t been released in the US yet so for them Hustle Kings is the first balls-on-baize downloadable they have seen on the PSN.



There are a couple of screen shots on the blog and a video over on the official site and it all looks very smooth, very polished and very awesome. Hopefully there is enough of a difference to make it worth picking up alongside Inferno Pool though because that is certainly a title that nobody’s XMB is complete without.

The aim seems to be for realism with perfect control on the balls and emphasis on “simulation” and it looks absolutely stunning in beautifully rendered HD. It’s not perfect though, there’s not fag-burns or beer-stains on their tables and we all know that there isn’t a pool table in existence without a sticky patch on the siderail at just the point you need to lean on to take the break. How will they ever simulate that?

Source: US Blog

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