Play PS1 Games On Your iPhone

Emulation on the iPhone isn’t a new thing, everyone with a Jailbroken ‘phone will be more than familiar with the work of ZodTTD as he’s created emulators for everything from the Gameboy Advance to – well – the PlayStation. In the video below he’s showing off Final Fantasy VII running on the iPhone 3GS, which, with the 3GS’ much improved power, seems to handle just fine. An impressive feat, to be sure, but one of dubious legality.

Should this be the sort of thing you wish to spend your Friday pouring over, head on over to ZodTTD’s site where you should be able to sign up for a preview of the new emulator.  You won’t need to have your 3GS jailbroken, but you will need to supply your iPhone’s unique ID and pay $10.  “It’s at the point where Final Fantasy 7 is fullspeed at very least without sound,” says the developer. “The build is rough around the edges, as you can’t switch games without restarting the emulator, and only memory card saves are currently working, no save states just yet.”

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