Retailer on PSPgo: “Do I want to stock this?”

Despite the official UK price for the PSPgo still under wraps, some independent UK retailers are wondering whether the new console, which is likely to retail at around £230, is even worth stocking. Chips’ Don McCabe told Edge that he doesn’t have a single pre-order for the PSPgo at the moment, saying “certainly I’m not getting the response from consumers. Normally when a new piece of kit is launched or announced I’ll get a multitude of people saying ‘As soon as that comes out I want one of those’. ”

But not so with the PSPgo. “From my point of view I’ve got to think, ‘Do I want to stock this?‘ Right now I can’t see any justification for stocking it.” There are 30 Chips stores in the UK, and McCabe is not intending to stock the machine at launch. Likewise, Chris Hardwood from Grainger Games, who have 21 shops across the North East, says they “haven’t got any [PSP Go pre-orders] at all,” and that the price “seems really high, especially the way PSP’s going at the moment.”  Despite the PSP having lots of promise over 2009 and 2010, we’d be inclined to agree.


Via Edge.