Sony: “Do You Want More Dance Moves?”

Although we’ve not seen the survey for ourselves, TheSixthAxis has learnt that Sony are conducting research into Home, its users and what they think about the service.  Home, technically, is still in Beta, so any nuances and issues are easily leveled at its version number, but as we’ve seen recently (with the likes of Xi and some great new Spaces) Home is something that Sony are very keen to get right.

Hence the survey, which was picked up by yesterday.  Some of the questions were your usual marketing fluff designed to get more out of you than you think, but some could prompt discussion on features and additions to Home that are still absent from the service despite being talked about some years back.  Mentioned is Trophy Support (the ability to show off your silverware within Home), music and video sharing, better clubhouses, voice chat and, yes, more dance moves.


Also referenced is the Home Theater, and those taking the survey are asked what they would like to see more of in the underused Theater, including TV shows, stand-up comedy, sports and music videos.  Presumably people are bored of the same few videogame trailers on repeat in there.  The most interesting question though is the one on new spaces, where the survey asked if there would be any interest in a Space dedicated to the PlayStation brand.

In that potential new Space, the survey hints, there could be a museum of old PS1 and PS2 games (aw, Sony, your ‘history’ is so cute), appearances from Sony staff, demos of Sony products, trailers of upcoming games and some new mini-games, presumably based on PlayStation favourites like “Guess the Leak!” and “Woah, that’s the same value in pounds as is it in dollars!”.  A nice idea, but a PlayStation Space within PlayStation Home is all a bit too meta for us.

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