PlayStation On Your Phone

There has been a lot of speculation about a PlayStation-branded phone or a PSPhone hitting the market. Sony have recently seemed more open to the idea with a new range of multimedia phones taking a small step towards the prospect of PlayStation gaming on a mobile device. Those pesky hackers, though, have beaten them to the punch. It seems that one particularly crafty little bedroom-dev has crafted a small utility that allows users to run PlayStation software on their Palm Pre smartphones. That is quite a smart phone.

It’s the same guy (ZodTDD) that has developed numerous hacks for a jailbroken iPhone (including this very same PSX emulator) that allow emulation for various old gaming greats and there is a video of the Palm Pre running PSX software below. Just in case you didn’t believe us. I’m trying to get in touch to see how long it will take before he ports the emulator to work on an old Nokia 3210 I’ve got in a drawer somewhere. We are not completely certain of the legality of this but if you asked us to put our freedom at stake we would say it is most probably very, very illegal. Impressive though, as a tech demo.

Source: Engadget