PSPgo Launch Canned In France?

According to French site Jeux Video, Sony may decide to not launch the new PSPgo in France.  The reasons are simple and may end up being echoed by UK retailers at some point – if there’s no profit to be made then why bother? Essentially, the French distributors would have no interest in selling the machine if it doesn’t generate profit on games (remember that consoles themselves rarely sell to customers much above the cost price to the retailer) and without boxes games there’s no second hand market either.

Jeux Video states that this is little more than subjective discussion at this stage, but feels that the issue is strong enough in some quarters to warrant the post.  The site also states that the retailer in question still plans to support the current PSP 3000 model, and presumably the UMD-based games, too.  The rest of Europe should still see the launch of the new console as planned on the 1st of October alongside the wonderful looking Gran Turismo PSP, which, of course, will also be available on the ‘standard’ PSPs in addition to the Go’s digital download.  Cheaper too, we’ll wager.