Fat Princess Disappears From Summer Release List

The best thing ever to happen to European PS3 fans, apart from TSA of course, is the Official Blog.  Right from the off they’ve delivered everything we could ever have wanted: official confirmations, developer insights and timely updates – we’re impressed.  Of course, they also bring bad news from time to time, albeit news that you have to read in-between the lines of to get – and this time it’s the Summer PSN Highlights post that’s just gone up, that – yes – is missing Fat Princess.

We were ‘promised’ a June release and now that June’s come and gone, we were hoping for July.  Unless SCEE have missed something with their post, which lists hits like Battlefield 1943, Fallout 3 DLC and Bomberman, Fat Princess won’t be coming this Summer.  Instead we have Zombie Apocalypse, TV Show King and Shatter to entertain us.  We have our own thoughts on what’s happened to Fat Princess but aren’t prepared to speculate just now without full consideration, but we’ll hopefully have more on that soon.


Update: The EU Blog’s Mike Kebby has just replied to the many Fat Princess queries with the following:

I wasn’t allowed to mention Fat Princess because of what happened last time we mentioned it on the blog…better to be safe than sorry. The developers will be the ones to come onto the blog to announce it’s arrival when a date has been decided. It is coming though don’t worry.

So it would seem that after all the flak the EU Blog received when Fat Princess did not get released in June as they had said in a previous post that they have had to play safe until the have got a firmer release date for the game.  The phrase “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” springs to mind.  We would not mind some insight into what has delayed this much anticipated game though, so like the thoughtful, considerate investigative beavers that we are we’ll all drink some tequila and make something up.