TSA Fixes: WipEout HD

Do you like speed? Do you really like speed? Well I hope you’re ready for a shock, this game gets really quick, really fast – or is that really fast, really quick, I’m not sure. It’s rare for a racing game not focused around crashing, that you crash so very often, so you better enjoy becoming a crushed heap after another collision with one of those infamous walls that surrond the entire track. Some of the TSA staff think it may even be too fast – but I think that they just can’t cope with such intensity. I on the other hand have some other issues with this glorious PSN title.


1. Just a bronze for that?


No other game in the short history of Trophies has been so utterly brutal. There are many games around that require a lot of time invested for certain trophies (yes, Warhawk we are talking about you) but in regards to difficulty, WipEout takes the crown. Whilst I don’t want to brag about the Platinum sitting in my trophy cabinet, it was stupidly frustrating and difficult in equal measure, and only my stubbornness not to be beaten by the game – along with my legendary gaming skills of course – meant I finally beat Zico and his freakishly fast time.

2. Smile!

The Photo Mode is awesome, you know, the one where you get a trophy for taking a photo; a trophy that’s the same value as performing a barrel roll on Moa Therma. The graphical quality of the game is just superb and is a fine example to show of full 1080p beauty; just invite some friends over, load up Zone Mode and watch the magic. It’s why a Video Mode would be so spectacular, especially if you could cut and edit the video together and export it to your XMB or straight to YouTube.

3. Sorry guys, you’ll have to sit out.

Motorstorm is a blast with its four-player local multiplayer – brilliant unquestionable fun.  Whilst WipEout does support both online multiplayer and two-player split-screen, what happened to the other two players? Perhaps its a graphical thing, perhaps not, all I know is that I have two very unhappy friends right now and I’m blaming it on the lack of four-player split-screen and not my aggressive competitive streak.

4. Look at the pretty colours

Somehow the news of WipEout Fury slipped past me, how I do not know. Having caught up on said news most of the things I wanted from DLC is on its way – more tracks, more vehicles, even new modes. Personally, as long as they give me more colours for the beautiful Zone Mode, I’ll be more than happy.

5. I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrated

Now I may not be the eldest of gamers around – especially on the TSA team – but playing WipEout 2097 convinced me to get the original PlayStation when it came out. The sheer quality of that game was outstanding, such an epic experience; so why after all this time, was the beloved Prodigy emitted? WipEout without Firestarter is not WipEout. At the very least give me Breathe or something. Consider yourselves lucky that I can put Firestarter on through the custom soundtracks.

What would you change about WipEout HD?