The SackBlog

Blogged yesterday on the Official US PlayStation Blog, Mark Valledor, Marketing Director at SCEA posted an interesting link to a blog written by one little Sackboy named Arnold Drake. This little adventurer is travelling around the world, and getting others to photograph his adventures. His blog details his daily happenings, and dates back to May 2009.

Arnold Drake having a picnic

Whether this is an official site, set up by Media Molecule or from a member of the public who managed to grab one in five thousand rare Sackboy dolls from the Media Molecule Youtube page remains a little bit of a mystery. Nevertheless, for younger audiences, the site offers a charming little online diary of the little things that Sackboy gets up to in the big world.


We’ve seen similar blogs to this such as the traveling gnome, but nothing that beats the almighty Sackboy. Keep an eye on where Arnold goes in the next few months, as LittleBigPlanet continues to push its leading character as an icon to the PlayStation brand and in unique and fresh ways to keep him in the limelight.

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