New Trophies: Battlefield 1943, Punisher, Numblast

New Trophies are continuously added to our PS3 Trophy List but we only really draw attention to it when either a) a fantastic AAA game’s Trophies have been leaked or b) the only remotely interesting piece of news of an afternoon is that the rhubarb on my sandwich was out of date.  It’s a shame, I quite like rhubarb, but when it’s mouldy and grey perhaps I should have just had some cheese instead.  Regardless, our Trophy List has been updated with Numblast, Battlefield 1943, The Punisher, Namco Museum Essentials and Topatoi.

The last time we did this some dodgy Dutch PS3 fansite ripped us off wholesale, so let’s see if the Dutch are having just as dull a day as we are.