Firmware 2.80’s Hidden Cinematic Feature?

We suggested back on the 24th of June that the latest PS3 firmware, version 2.80, has a couple of hidden features only of use to a select group of users and developers.  It has “at least one thing” in it that people will want, said Gaming Age’s Jim speaking on NeoGAF, and then inferring that the feature won’t be immediately useful.  We speculated at the time that this feature would present itself at some point, and this morning we think that Sony, being the audio visual company they are, might have had their eyes on getting the PS3’s firmware ready for 21:9 gaming before the competition.

The first 21:9 TV was unveiled this year and is now available if you’ve got the cash to splash, and whilst the 2560 x 1080p resolution set sounds like a blessing for movie fans not happy with black bars on their ‘regular’ widescreen TVs, game developers surely won’t pick up the better-than-HD resolution for some time.  That won’t stop Sony pushing the actual XMB display out further than 1920 pixels, though – as far as we know HDMI 1.3 – the format used in the PS3 firmware at the moment – can support the resolution just fine and hopefully there’s no reason why the PS3’s OS can’t too.

Naturally there’s no evidence to support this at the moment: developers are under strict agreements not to reveal the contents of developer versions of the PlayStation 3’s firmware and the firmware itself still appears to be entirely optional (rather than pushed like the older firmware updates) so mark this strictly as a rumour just now.  If anyone happens to have such a television set we’d love to hear from you (use the contact link at the bottom of every page) but in the meantime rest assured that we reckon firmware 2.80 did something, it’s just that nobody seems to know what