Fight Night Gets “Button” Patch

Everyone likes to moan these days – and everybody has a pedestal from which to moan from: the internet.  The people that didn’t like the way Killzone 2’s aiming worked moaned and Guerrilla patched the game to suit them, and now it appears that people don’t like the way Fight Night 4’s Total Punch Control tries to simulate real boxing punches.

So, if you’re scared of using the right stick for anything other than looking around or firing bullets, rest assured that EA are looking after you.  “We strongly believe that the refined Total Punch Control is the most intuitive way to throw punches,” the game’s senior producer, Dean Richards, said in a press release, “But we also want fans of the franchise to have an option.”


The patch, which is slated for September, will be preceded by another free update which will introduce a new gym, new equipment and slider controls for Counter Punch Window, Boxer Stamina and Punch Accuracy.  The Xbox 360 will also get an alternative version of Sugar Ray Leonard.  Presumably these updates will be followed by premium DLC.

Thanks, Kotaku.