Battlefield 1943 Now Available On PS3

Fancy getting your hands on Battlefield 1943 before everyone else in Europe and the States?  It’ll be 10 hours until the game is out in Europe and another 6 or so on top of that before it lands in America, but Battlefield 1943 is now out on the Japanese PSN Store and it’s fully in English.  Look for バトルフィールド 1943 体験版 which is the demo version, grab the download, switch back to your normal account and you’re off and running.

We don’t yet know if you’ll be able to purchase the full Euro version from within the Japanese version, we’d assume not, but if you don’t mind using up 500MB of bandwidth just to grab 30 minutes with the game then this will be your best option for a taster until the full game lands later today.  We’ve been playing 1943 since yesterday and we absolutely love it, watch out for a full review on the site as soon as possible, and keep an eye on our Store Update post for all today’s F5 Thursday madness.

Thanks, kassatsu.