PlayStation Store Update: 09/07/09

Update (4PM 09/07/09): confirmation on Ghostbusters demo, BF1943, High Velocity Bowling packs, Skate 2 pack.  That should be everything now apart from any last minute surprises…

Original Story (11PM 08/07/09): Everyone seemed happy enough with last week’s new style Store Update, so here’s this week’s.  Remember, this isn’t official until Sony actually get the stuff on the Store, but, you know, we do our best.  Obviously this week’s big highlight is the wonderful Battlefield 1943 which we’ve been playing since Wednesday morning – it’s a stunning game and an absolute steal at a tenner.  Enjoy.


PlayStation Store Update: 09/07/09

Battlefield 1943 Pacific [FULL GAME AND DEMO] CONFIRMED:

Totally fantastic team-based FPS based on the Second World War’s Pacific battles.  For a measly tenner (two and a half Sackboy t-shirts, remember) you get a handful of maps and a tightly honed set of classes all wrapped around a gorgeous looking shooter which, when we played it, ran like butter.  Unmissable, and if you don’t believe us there’ll be a free 30 minute demo too.

Ghostbusters [DEMO] CONFIRMED:

Mike Kebby all but confirmed that we’ll finally get the Ghostbusters demo in this week’s update when he posted last week’s on the EU Blog.  We weren’t massive fans of the game, but if ‘busting is your thing then you’ll probably want to check out the demo, at least.  Thanks, TonyLeMesmer.


We’ve just had confirmation that a demo for FUEL will be available today on the PSN. The demo enables players to take on the Ocean Rush career event, where 7 racers pick their own paths through treacherous landscapes and short-cuts are key to taking the chequered flag. Gamers can also take on Blitz – a wild, high-pressure challenge where players must race against the clock to reach the next checkpoint before time runs out. Gamers who download the console versions can also play online for a limited period of 2 weeks from release, experiencing up to 16 player free ride in a limited area of the Tsunami Reef zone or challenging up to 6 other players in the Ocean Rush career race.


Ten tracks from Coldplay (in two packs), five SingStar Essentials tracks and a boatload of other new downloads including two from Blur and a couple of classics from Erasure alongside recent stuff from Lily Allen.  For the full list of tracks click here.

Guitar Hero: World Tour CONFIRMED:

“NJ Legion Iced Tea” from A Day To Remember, “Bomb The World” from The Sleeping and “I Am The Arsonist” from Silverstein make up the apparently accurately named “Victory Pack”.  All three songs available singularly too, of course.


It would appear that today is Mayhem Day. Get Behemoth’s “Conquer All”, The Black Dahlia Murder’s “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse”, Cannibal Corpse’s “Hammer Smashed Face”, God Forbid’s “Empire of the Gun”, Job for a Cowboy’s “Embedded”, Marilyn Manson’s “Disposable Teens”, Slayer’s “Black Magic” and Whitechapel’s “This is Exile”. Alternatively, there will be three Green Day tracks: “21 Guns”, “East Jesus Nowhere” and “Know Your Enemy”. Phew.

High Velocity Bowling CONFIRMED:

Two Ball pack sets: first is the 4th July Americana Ball, a special celebration pack of six bowling balls inspired by the things that make America great, including two unique see-through showcase balls, one containing the Liberty Bell itself, and the other a rocket to encourage you to light up the lanes. The second pack is a set of six bowling balls, inspired by the much-loved American road trip, Route 66. The pack includes two special see-through showcase balls, one containing a classic car and the other a petrol pump to fill her up with.

Skate 2: Maloof Competition CONFIRMED:

Hit the course of one of skateboarding’s biggest contests in the Skate 2 Maloof competition – then battle some of skating’s heaviest hitters for some serious Maloof loot.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift CONFIRMED:

The Adrenaline Pack was leaked last week to the Hong Kong Store, so we can only assume that it’ll be out proper for everyone else this week. Adrenaline features three more tracks (Reefrunner, Brimstone and Hollowed Earth), five new track varients, four more vehicles (each vehicle in each pack will have three liveries), six new characters and some more paint jobs for your existing vehicles.

We spoke to Sony yesterday regarding Fat Princess – no update on the release date yet sadly so we’ve nothing we can share on that subject.  Stay tuned to the EU Blog for the official list of content, including trailers and so on, this is just the meat of the Update.