Music DLC to Count in UK Singles Charts

Whether you’re downloading the latest Pearl Jam album for a rock off with your friends or “Hit me Baby One More Time” as a quiet guilty pleasure you’ve never really had to think about the effect your purchases can have on the wider world. However, if talks between format holders and publishers go to plan, that could change as the Official Charts Company hopes to include gaming DLC in the official UK charts.

Opinion is divided as to whether this is a good thing or not but to be honest, with the singles chart in the state that it is right now, can it get any worse? I’m seventeen and I think it’s full of rubbish. Regardless, it’s fantastic to see gaming getting this kind of recognition and is being taken seriously by other industries. Not only that, but with DLC having more of an effect it will also make it more attractive to record companies meaning we could get even more great stuff to download and play.


To get a song in the top ten nowadays you only need around 5000 sales and by the end of last year, the Rock Band store had passed 28 million downloads and this number can only have grown since then. This is the figure for total worldwide sales but once you factor in Singstar, Guitar Hero and Lips for the UK alone, there are a lot of gaming musical downloads so should this go through, we might see it having an even bigger effect than what we might be expecting.

Thanks, Tuffcub