Uncharted 2 Blows Away The Competition

Last night GameTrailers showed the first glimpse of Uncharted 2’s much talked about ice and snow effects in a walkthrough of the Ice Cave level. For those that hadn’t heard, Naughty Dog claim that the wintery effects of UC2 will have as much impact as the water effects of the original so expect them to have gameplay ramifications too.  You can see the whole show here which includes a whole host of information on the blockbuster PS3 exclusive as well as an interview with the top dog at Naughty Dog, Evan Wells.

Update: It looks like cinematic cat’s out of the proverbial bag too as the first cut scene from the game has also been made available. As per usual it contains plot details so if you’d rather not know what lies in store for mister Drake I’d recommend sticking to those pics. Oh, and is that a familiar face?