WipEout Fury Trophies

News is just washing into TSA Towers that the trophies have been updated for everyone’s favourite levitational racer. The update is doubtless to add trophies for the imminent DLC pack entitled “Fury”. All the trophies appear to be bronze but they will give you some idea of the delights that await us all when Studio Liverpool let the add-on out of the hovering pit lane and onto the store.

  • Hold Your Fire – Reach stage 10 without firing on any track, in any Detonator event.
  • Sharpshooter – Score a hit with every round in an entire cannon clip in any Detonator event.
  • Da Bomb – Destroy all 14 bombs in any Detonator event
  • Zone Battles Legend – Win a single player, Racebox, Zone Battle event with a target of 40 on Talons Junction (Forward)
  • Just Passing Through – Pass through 15 Zone Barriers in any Zone Battle event.
  • Zen Evasion – Win any single player Zone Battle event with a minimum target of 25 without absorbing.
  • Elimin18 – Eliminate 18 opponents in a single player Eliminator event.
  • Cannon and on – Hit 5 different opponents with rounds from the same Cannon clip in a single player Eliminator event.
  • Stay on Target – Stay locked onto an opponent with a Missile or Leech Beam for 30 seconds in a single player Eliminator event.
  • The Pure Four – Obtain 50.000 points on each of the following tracks in Zone Mode – Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Corridon 12 and Syncopia.
  • Stats Life – Attain and view every stat in the game.
  • Anti-scenic Route – Successfully perform a barrel roll whilst navigating the Amphiseum (Reverse) shortcut in any event
  • Fury Campaign Legend – Obtain a medal in every cell in the Fury Campaign.

Thanks, Jumping Monks