God Of War Movie Script Finished

It’s been a couple of years since we first heard, via David Jaffe, that David Self was working on a God of War script – and thankfully whilst the third videogame in the series is looking stellar it appears that the movie is sticking to the basic Kratos-inspired storyline too.  Over at CC2K, Big Ross, who confesses to not being a massive fan of the game, has good things to say about the forthcoming film adaptation.  “Athens is a megalopolis, the New York of Ancient Greece with 300 foot-high walls, towers and aeries that stretch even higher, and at its center an enormous temple to Athena,” he says.

“The Hydra is a leviathan of the deep ocean with necks as thick as redwoods.  The gods are not merely human-sized beings in white robes lounging around Olympus, but titanic in size and power.  Ares, when not taking the form of a fiery tornado, manifests as a giant 600 feet tall, adorned in jet black armor, with a blazing mane and beard, and bleeds a combustible, oil-like fluid.  In short, everything about God of War is like Clash of the Titans, only taken to the extreme and amped up to satisfy the 21st century sensibilities of males aged 15-25.”


Jaffe’s favourite to play the role of Kratos was initially Djimon Hounsou, after after reading the script, Big Ross would agree. “Sure, some might argue all you need is a big guy with lots of muscles who can do this all day, but there is more to this character. Whoever plays Kratos needs to be able to convey grief, despair, compassion, remorse, ambition, and joy all in addition to rage and intensity. I’d take Hounsou’s acting ability over the fact that he might not be an exact physical match for Kratos any day.”  Read the whole of the article here.

Thanks, colmshan1990.