Relentless Announce Secret Project

Relentless are one of my favourite developers at the moment, with a fantastic work ethic, a brilliantly positive environment, great quality titles and they’re situated in Brighton – what more could you want? Well, the masters behind the hugely successful Buzz! franchise has announced their new secret project which was teased some point last year, an episodic murder mystery game.

Blue Toad Murder Files will be a PSN exclusive and will be self-published by the seafront developer .“Blue Toad Murder Files is a murder mystery game along the lines of Agatha Christie and Midsomer Murders and 1001 other murder mystery TV dramas like Sherlock Holmes – that’s the style of the game,” said Relentless boss David Amor in an interview with GI.


“If you speak to a non-gamer, as I have done, and they ask what you’re working on and you say ‘it’s a murder mystery game’ then I’ve just summed it up in two words. It’s like ‘karaoke’, or ‘air guitar’, or ‘quiz game’, or ‘keep fit’. I think being able to sum it up as easily as that is a good indication as well.”

There’s plenty more discussed in the interview so it’s definitely worth reading. The game will be released in December with more information on the title expected next month.

Source:, Blue Toad Murder Files Official Site