FIFA 10 Info

Swiftly after the news that FIFA 10 will hit our shelves October 2nd, FIFA’s British producer David Rutter gave a wealth of information on the anticipated football title.

Speaking to CVG my name-sake mentioned that there are four things that he wanted to address from this decades final release were. The first was to remove all of the little frustrations such as; goalkeeping errors, trapping errors, some positional weirdness and the odd miss-pass. I am still waiting for a football title to get the goalkeepers just right. They’re normally either super-goalies that can save 98% of your shots, or thick idiots who run out at the wrong angle leaving the entire goal exposed. The second was ensuring that all the stuff that the community found important were addressed. Thirdly, and one thing that really excited me, is the dribbling – which now includes 360-degree dribbling. Before finally improving the already amazing Manager Mode.


More additions include; incorporating pass errors for poorer players, players under pressure will be more likely to have play a bad pass, defensive priorities and better one-on-one attributes for goalkeepers (making them more aggressive, making themselves bigger, scrambling back if chipped, etc). One of the final main additions that Rutter spoke of was the new ‘Create A Set Piece’ function which allows the player to create custom set pieces and assign them to d-pad for in game use.

Rutter also said that “70 percent of our effort this year went on refining the gameplay and responding to feedback. I’m proud to be able to say that, rather than 75 percent of our effort went on a marketing gimmick that nobody’s interested in,” which is great to hear from a developer that seems determined to improve the gaming experience for all of their consumers.

On a light-hearted note, Rutter mentions the change in FIFA online matches during the Champions League Final the year, “When the community guys were over in Vancouver it was during the Champions League final and we went from 40,000 people playing FIFA online to zero in the space of five minutes when the game kicked off. Then at half-time it went back up again to 20,000, then back down to zero for the second half and then back up again to 45,000 at the end of that match. So we have a TV in the office now so we can spot server outages, see who’s playing and where. ”

Source: CVG