Lempel: “We’ve Delivered On Everything”

In an interview with Gamasutra (which doesn’t make sense if you pronounce it the way they intended it), Sony’s Director of PlayStation Network Operations, Eric Lempel, speaks frankly about the poor launch of the PSN and then convinces us that things like digital download were planned all along. “The other devices really haven’t paved the way,” says Lempel. “I’d argue we may have paved the way,” he said, before claiming that “it’s always been part of our plan. It’s just a matter of how fast can we move, and how fast can we develop that stuff. We didn’t decide, ‘Oh, look at that – let’s do it.'”

“Lots of people are now comfortable with downloading, and that’s part of why Go will exist,” he said. “But other consumers are happy with packaged products. We’re going to see how that goes, so there are no plans to change either market right now.”  Gamasutra then asked Lempel about the 360, and how many people see the PS3 as ‘playing catchup’ to Microsoft’s slicker, more integrated service. “When we launched the PS3, everything that we wanted to be there wasn’t there,” Lempel said. “It just simply wasn’t possible yet, and there’s a lot we have to learn, and lot of things we didn’t have time to do focus on and change.”


“It wasn’t really about catching up with Xbox Live.  We definitely look at the competition to see what works, but we always have a lot of plans on our own that, to be quite frank couldn’t come out at day one.  Now, looking back, we’ve delivered on everything.”  One thing the PS3 has over the 360 is remote play, and Lempel lets slip that there’s more on that front too.  “The next evolution is two things”, he said.  “Games that can be played simultaneously on PS3 and PSP is definitely something we’re looking at. It takes a lot to get that in place and make it work. And then it’s about getting content that could be compatible in both places and could scale.”

Thanks Tuffcub.