New XBL Features

The new features list has been announcedby Engadget (but not yet confirmed) for the Xbox dashboard (It’s not a “New” Xbox Experience anymore is it?). Significant changes include the addition of support for the Games On Demand service which is due in August and the Movie Parties feature. This allows Gold members to watch movies together, via their Xbox360s, in a virtual movie theatre. We’re also getting an Avatar Marketplace so we can spend actual money on pretend t-shirts to clothe our virtual representations of our slightly-more-attractive selves. Which we think is a waste of money you could be spending on something else. Like new games.

Notable absentees from the list are the much-vaunted internet apps that are scheduled now for a future update. So if you were hoping to update your Twitter whilst looking at a friends photos on Facebook and listening to Last.FM then you’ll have to wait for a while longer.


The full list is quite extensive so it’s really worth checking out.

Source: Engadget