NPD Results: PS3 Battered, Prototype Leads

The US software and hardware sales from June are now out, courtesy of NPD Group, which used to stand for ‘National Purchase Diary’ but now seems to stand for ‘we’re just buying Microsoft stuff’.  The figures make incredible reading, and yes, in total the PlayStation brand is doing fine, but individually it’s not looking good for PlayStation 3, which just 12,000 more machines shifted than the last-gen PlayStation 2, at 164,700 units.  In comparision, the 360 is still continuing to fly off the shelves, presumably down to cheap entry costs, with 240,600 units sold.

  • PlayStation 2 152.7K
  • PlayStation 3 164.7K
  • PSP 163.5K
  • Xbox 360 240.6K
  • Wii 361.7K
  • Nintendo DS 766.5K

It would be churlish to say the Wii bubble has finally burst, but sales are down from last year.  Overall the industry is down 12% but that’s not unexpected in these tough financial times, but it’s worth mentioning that only the Xbox 360 has seen an upturn in figures since 2008, although remember that June is a five week month.  More interesting is that, finally, Wii Play isn’t in the top ten software chart, although it’s worth mentioning that Tiger Woods 10 still sold better on Nintendo’s console than any other.

  • PROTOTYPE (360) 419.9K
  • UFC 2009:UNDISPUTED (360) 338.3K
  • TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 10* (Wii) 272.4K
  • WII FIT (Wii) 271.6K
  • FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 (360) 260.8K
  • FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 (PS3) 210.3K
  • MARIO KART W/WHEEL (Wii) 202.1K
  • INFAMOUS (PS3) 192.7K

The killer here is that Activision’s Prototype has demolished the competition, with the 360 version of the open world superhero title up in first place – it seems the battle with inFamous wasn’t a battle at all outselling the PS3 exclusive by at least two.  The rest of the chart is what we’d expect, Wii Fit’s still in there alongside EA Sports Active, Mario Kart Wii is still selling strongly and multiplatform games are still selling stronger on the Microsoft platform despite an 12-round battle over Fight Night Round 4.

Lifetime-to-date figures, then, are below:

  • PlayStation 2 44,300,518
  • Nintendo DS 31,643,158
  • Wii 20,564,781
  • Xbox 360 15,480,886
  • PSP 15,260,836
  • PlayStation 3 7,914,096

Source: NeoGAF, tip: Day-o