Doom 4: 1 Blu-ray, 3 DVDs?

According to the latest Game Informer magazine John Carmack has stated that Doom 4 will launch on one Blu-ray, or 3 DVDs, depending on your format of choice.  Whilst it’s not clear whether he’s just referring to the PC release, you’ll remember that id’s Rage was allegedly knocked back to running from 2 DVDs on the Xbox 360 because of the rumoured loyalty rates associated with retailing 3 disks, but it appears that they aren’t making that kind of compromise for their flagship first person shooter.

Naturally, we’re all well aware of the relatively poor speed of the PS3’s Blu-ray drive, so if Doom 4 is confirmed for the PS3 we’re going to go with assuming a full 5GB installation on the PlayStation version regardless of the fact that you won’t have to change disks twice during the game.  We’re also assuming that the change points will be smartly placed so that any swapping on any Xbox 360 version (should it be announced) doesn’t impact on the narrative at all – either way, despite not being a massive fan of the third Doom game I’m all set for the fourth, bring it on.

The magazine (August issue) also features lots of information on id’s Rage.

Doom 4 information from NeoGAF.