The PSN’s Best Week Ever?

Cast your eyes over to the boxes on the right hand side of TheSixthAxis and you’ll notice the TSA Calendar with its recently announced Release Dates section. Hover for a moment over the PSN Store update text and you’ll notice a little pop-up that lists all the major releases for the PSN on Thursday. Those are confirmed releases and don’t even include the like of SingStar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero downloads. For those you can click the text (or the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page) and visit our all new Release Dates page.

So what’s my point? Well, it occurred to us that, after an already strong year of PSN releases that included pinball, pool, puzzles and platformers as well as some fantastic DLC for some of the years biggest releases, this week might just be the best yet.


We have the next DLC pack for Killzone 2 – Napalm and Cordite which is sure to add another layer of complexity to what is arguably the best FPS experience available. The pack contains two new maps, Suljeva Cliffside and Arctower Landing but perhaps the most anticipated part of the release is the ability to take two new weapons into multiplayer combat. The VC1 Flamethrower can be found in the Suljeva Cliffside map and the Boltgun 4400, known as the “Handyman” can be picked up on the Arctower Landing map.

Next up and confirmed for Thursday is the WipEout HD Fury DLC pack. Featuring eight new tracks, thirteen new ship models and three new game modes this sounds more like a true expansion than an incremental DLC pack to us. WipEout HD has kept us hooked with its stunning visuals and unforgiving gameplay so we’re very excited about this DLC.

You would be forgiven for thinking that those two DLC packs are quite enough for one Thursday but Sony are obviously on a roll and have more for us in the “confirmed” list. The compelling Shatter will be available and seems to add another layer to the comprehensive offerings of the Store. It looks to me like a mix between Magic Ball and XBLA’s Geometry Wars. Further information can be found in the TSA preview.

The final item (so far) on our confirmed list is Crystal Defenders, a tower defense strategy game set in the Final Fantasy universe and made by Square Enix. This title has been available on WiiWare and XBLA for a while now so this opportunity to play it on the PlayStation will be welcomed by fans of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (which is where the character set comes from).

Bear in mind that it is still only Tuesday and the items on our Release Dates page are only the things we have had confirmed (keep your eyes peeled for possible updates) and you might agree with us when we suggest that this is a bumper week for PSN content, and quite possibly the best one we’ve ever had.  What do you think?