Game Launching in Home not Sony’s Responsibility

For anyone hoping Game launching were more broadened out in PlayStation Home, a recent blog comment by the American Home Manager, Locust_Star told members of the PlayStation community that it was down to developers to support game-launching, not Sony. While a number of Home spaces now support game launching, including Resistance 2 and Everybody’s Golf, it’s still not the norm for every PS3 game to have support for Home, as was suggested in Sony’s 2007 E3 presentation.

We’ve built the game launching feature in on our end. It is up to the developers of these titles to implement on their end. If you want to encourage a developer to patch their title to support game launching in Home, we fully encourage you to email them, leave a message on their forums/blogs, etc.

So while Sony may be contacting some developers, requesting Home support, it appears Sony would rather point the finger at the Home users themselves for not encouraging it enough to the developers. It is true that a developer would feel more under pressure to support game-launching in Home if many members of the community were to demand it from them, but the approach taken here seems somewhat ignorant of the fact that many PS3 users have deleted Home from their console for the very reason of lack of features. To ask the same people to be responsible for encouraging developers to support Home seems a little farfetched.


How do you feel about this? Do you think Sony should be pushing developers more for Home support, or that we as a community should be encouraging game developers to support game-launching from the virtual online world?

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog via Official EU PlayStation Forum