Japan Gets PSP Video Downloads

We were told that the feature was coming during Sony’s E3 press conference and it has today arrived in Japan having been available in the US since E3.  Like their US counterparts Japanese PSP owners can now download content off of their PSN Video Store straight to their PSPs.  Previously video content, unlike games, has had to be downloaded to the PSP via a PS3 or PC.  Now all that is needed is a friendly wireless access point.

This is part of Sony’s continuing refocusing of the PSP as a consumer of downloadable content with the PSPgo being the obvious poster-child for the DLC drive.  Though remember Sony has no firm plans to retire UMD yet and will continue to release UMD games for now.  Believe it or not UMD movies are refusing to go quietly either.  Here in Europe Warner Bros., who arguably won the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war for Sony with their decision to go Blu-ray exclusive, are keeping the UMD flag flying a little longer having just released a box set of the first five Harry Potter movies on UMD (yours for £30 off Amazon which is twice the price of the five film set on DVD).



Unsurprisingly the Japanese PSN Video Store is loaded primarily with anime titles.  Episodes cost from ¥200 (£1.30 at the time of writing) to rent and can be viewed for up to 72 hours.  They can also be copied to your PS3 if you want to watch them on your bigger screen at home.  Before you comment about watching PSP-resolution content on a bigger screen I should point out that the downloads to the PSP are normal SD or HD resolution just as if you downloaded them onto a PS3 from the Store. Movies are there to be bought too costing around ¥500 (£3.25) for SD and ¥600 (£3.90) for HD.

As if it the fact that the Japanese have a PSN Video Store and that they can now download that video content straight to their PSPs was not enough to spark some serious levels of jealousy amongst us PSP owners at TSA Towers, take a closer look at the picture above.  See the row of four featured anime titles.  The one third from the left (or second from the right if you prefer) is the Valkyria Chronicles anime series.  Release that on the PSN Video Store over here Sony, which we are still expecting before the end of this year by the way, and you will get more of my money.

Also in Japan today Sony have doubled the size of the Memory Stick Pro Duo that they include in the PSP Accessory Pack from 2GB to 4GB further reinforcing their new stance on PSP DLC.  All this and the Japanese are also the only country to have a PSP Comic Store.  That is something else I would love to see over here.  I am sure Sony could work something out with Rebellion to get 2000AD stories and characters old and new released to a PSP Comic Store, especially as old 2000AD comics have started to appear on the Apple’s App Store with Alan Moore’s classic Future Shocks leading the way.

Come on Sony give this media-hungry European PSP owner Valkyria Chronicles anime and 2000AD comics on my PSP.  Please?

Source: andriasang.com