Castle Crashers Heading To PS3

Ever since The Behemoth’s popular Xbox 360 Arcade title Castle Crashers was released last August PS3 fans who had seen the game looked on enviously. The four player co-operative side on beat-em-up might ooze old school charm but looks absolutely stunning and the RPG-light features means that the constant leveling up of your knights keeps everything fresh. It’s a great game and one that we’re delighted will be moving over to the PS3 in the coming months.

Yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con The Behemoth confirmed that they’re working on a PlayStation 3 version of the game, which will see all the features of the Xbox 360 ported over intact, including on-line multiplayer, the little deathmatch arena and the greedy minigame. Whilst there’s no set date for the game’s release yet the developers say progress is good and the PS3 version already looks the part – there’s also the chance that Sony fans will get some kind of bonus content for having waited so long.


Thanks, bigwhiteyeti and TctclMvPhase, via GameSpot.