Fat Princess: “July 31st”?

We’ve been back and forth with a release date for Fat Princess more often than the fridge, but it looks like the game will finally release next week, on the 31st of July.  According to the Hong Kong PlayStation site, which was bang on with the release of WipEout HD Fury a week before it was announced over here, the 32 player twist on capture the flag will be out very soon indeed.

“Fat Princess is all about teamwork”, says the Asian site, “whether you’re a freedom fighter or a fat fighter. Your enemies have kidnapped your princess. In revenge, you have abducted their princess. The only problem is, these gluttonous girls just keep on eating cake. The bigger they get, the more men you’ll need to ferry them back to safety.”  Let’s hope this holds true and that we’ll all be eating far too much cake in just 8 days.