That Exclusive We Mentioned

Way back on the tenth of July we posted a little teaser about a title that was previously an Xbox 360 console exclusive but which would soon be making the jump to the PlayStation 3. Almost immediately the comments filled up and other blogs picked up the news and started spinning it and fantasizing about what that game might be. We never said it was a huge game, we said we thought you would be interested and that it was popular. We never staked our reputation on it. We were happy to get a little exclusive from a developer that we saw as a reward for sitting on the news since April when almost any other site would have ruined the announcement by leaking the news. We were pleased that we’d done things properly and that a developer had noticed and decided that they would like to deal with our little fansite.

Yesterday ran a post suggesting that we had prior knowledge of Castle Crashers coming to the PS3, and that this was related to our earlier post.  We’d like to set the record straight that Castle Crashers, whilst exciting for PS3 owners, isn’t the franchise we were referring to.

Things have a gone a little crazy since that original post and a lot of people have gotten very excited by what they imagined we meant. Let’s not pretend here: We said what we meant back on the tenth of July. Anything else has been embellished by other people who have let their imaginations run away with them. We can understand that. I used to have a list of 360 exclusives that I wanted to appear on the PS3 but I realised that most of them were first or second party titles that never had a chance of appearing on Sony’s platform. So I bought an Xbox360 and enjoyed them there. It’s understandable that single-console owners would be hopeful for the very best of the other platform’s exclusives and with hindsight we may have made a slight error of judgement. We hold our hands up, we got excited about getting an exclusive and we allowed room for you all to get excited about what it might be.

The announcement of Castle Crashers has sparked a whole new round of wild rumour and speculation which we feel we have to stand up and quash before it all gets even further out of hand. The exclusive we got was not in reference to any of the Microsoft-published games we’ve seen suggested, it was not Halo, Gears, Left4Dead, Splinter Cell or Mass Effect. If you want those titles then we would suggest you go and buy an Xbox360, they’re really rather good. The title we were teasing about is a niche title which we are quite looking forward to and we think some of our readers will be interested in. We are not telling you what it was because we have an agreement with the publisher and at TheSixthAxis we don’t leak but rest assured that it is not any of those huge AAA games that have been suggested. That would be ridiculous.