Kaz Keynoting TGS

Kazuo Hirai has been announced as this year’s Tokyo Game Show Forum (an educational aside to the big show) Keynote Speaker. The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment is set to give a speech entitled: “Sony Computer Entertainment’s New 2009 Strategy” which sounds really interesting to us.

In a year that has seen Sony’s online efforts increasing and the amazing depth and variety that is now filling up the PSN Store it will be very interesting to hear what one of the key catalysts of Sony’s future strategies has to say.


Theses keynotes are always given by a high-powered industry figure with Ken Kutaragi (Sony), John Schappert (Microsoft) and Satoru Iwata (Nintendo) all speaking in previous years. They are also often used as a platform for big announcements so we will no doubt engage in a bit of healthy speculation as to what Hirai might be talking about in the run-up to the TGS.

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 24th to the 27th with the first two days being all about business and the final two days open to the clamouring masses.

Source: Andriasang