Sackboy Plushies Coming Soon in EU

It seems like the merchandise that we’ve all been waiting for is finally coming. A year after the game was released, it has now been confirmed that Sackboy will be hitting the mainstream shelves in his soft cuddly toy form this October. Back in April, SCEE signed “Target” as their official product licensing agent for PlayStation software. “Target” recently announced their first line of merchandise signed with a range of brands.

“Impact International” signed an IP contract with Sony to produce merchandise for the UK, Eire and the Middle East. “The deal will see the toy company produce a range of plush items, bean toys, mugs, bobbleheads and bags, all featuring LittleBigPlanet’s iconic character Sackboy.” That’s not all, however. “Brazier and Co” have confirmed that they will be producing PVC figurines of Sackboy and a limited edition model.


Still, the list goes on. British poster company “GB Eye” will be producing “a range of posters, 3D posters, postcard packs, badges and stickers”. They’ll also be working on doing the same for God of War, Killzone 2, WipEout, inFamous and the Resistance series for European countries UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy.

This is also being named as the “first phase” of LittleBigPlanet merchandise, so it’s likely that more will be making its way to us after October too. Perhaps we’ll finally see Sackboy on pencil cases, lunch boxes and … everywhere. It’s great to finally see the iconic burlap boy get his face out to the public. The game really needed these from launch, but the fact that Sony are still very confident that Sackboy can sell a year after the game went on launch, and the recent news of one million levels created, shows that the title is living up to its long shelf-life.

Source: Toy News Online via Official EU PlayStation Blog